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Earnings with CSCS Labourer Card: How Much Can You Earn in 2023?

Talha Riaz

Oct 05, 2023

Read time: 09 mins

Table of contents

Average Earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card
Earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card vs. other CSCS Cards
What Jobs Can I Apply for?
How Can I Increase My Earnings?
What’s Next?

The CSCS Green Card supports those wanting to join construction sites as labourers. But, how much do they make?

This guide will walk you through that and we’ll find out how much you can earn as a labourer in 2023, and which other cards CSCS offers for higher earnings.

Average Earnings With A CSCS Labourer Card Across The UK

According to, the average annual earnings of an individual with a CSCS Labourer Card are reported to be £21,548 in 2023. However, entry-level positions pay £20,914 annually. On the other hand, workers with some experience are getting about £24,863 per annum.

It shows that a CSCS Labourer Card can significantly boost your earning potential and expose you to a broader job market.

This is not the exact figure, as wages for CSCS Labourer Card holders vary across the UK. Based on the data collected by, I’ve created a list below that states the average per-hour earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card in 2023.


Per Hour Wages

















Now I’ll compare the earnings of a CSCS Labourer Card holder with those holding other CSCS card types.

Earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card vs. other CSCS Cards

A CSCS Labourer Card can be a great way to increase your earnings and achieve a professionally recognised qualification. But other advanced cards can get you paid more. Where workers holding a CSCS Labourer card can earn around £13 per hour on average, a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card can help them earn an average salary of around £17 per hour.

On the other hand, a CSCS Black Manager Cardholder can get anywhere from £30 to £33 per hour. However, a White PQP or PQP Card can elevate your earnings to around £81 per hour, which becomes £55,000 per year.

Hence, you should continuously upgrade your skills and acquire other CSCS cards to increase your earnings as your career progresses.

What Jobs Can I Apply For With A CSCS Labourer Card?

CSCS Labourer Card holders are required to do manual and physical work on a construction site. However, people with additional skills can also apply for this card.

cscs green card jobs

Road Builders

If you are someone who has acquired road-building skills, you can apply for a CSCS labourer card. All you have to do is to pass a CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test and show that you have completed the RQF Level 1 or SQF Level 4 Award in health and safety.


Painters can also apply for a CSCS Labourer Card. For them, the requirement is the same as for manual labourers and road builders.


Roofers can apply for CSCS Labourer Cards, which can improve their income substantially. Moreover, CSCS labourer cards also provide career progression opportunities upon acquiring relevant skills and experience.


Plumbers can also benefit from a CSCS Labourer Card by obtaining a CSCS Labourer Card for plumbers. This allows them to demonstrate to their employers that they are fully aware of all the necessary health and safety measures.


As electricians work in environments that are prone to hazards, a CSCS Labourer Card can help them show employers that they are well-trained to work on hazardous construction sites.

How Can I Increase My Earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card?

A CSCS Labourer Card can help you get a foot in the door of the construction industry. If you’re skilled enough, you can get employment opportunities with better pay and benefits.

However, relying solely on a CSCS Labourer Card is not the right way to go if you want to increase your earnings. Instead, you can upskill yourself and apply for advanced CSCS cards that can help you unlock more employment opportunities.

Which CSCS Card Should I Get after the CSCS Labourer Card?

After acquiring a CSCS Labourer Card, you can apply for several different CSCS cards. These cards include:

  • Blue Skilled Worker Card
  • Gold Supervisory Advanced Craft Card
  • Black Manager Card
  • White Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) Card
  • White Academically Qualified Person (ACP) Card

You should apply for a Blue Skilled Worker Card after you’ve worked in a specialised skill (roofing, plumbing, etc.). Also, you need to pass NVQ Level 2 to be eligible for this card.

If you’re a skilled employee and also have supervised a team of construction workers, the next logical step is to apply for a Gold Supervisory Advanced Craft Card. This card will allow you to become a supervisor on a construction site and will also help you get a raise in salary. You need to pass an NVQ level 3 or 4 to be eligible for this card.

The next step in your professional journey should be to become a manager at a construction site. A Black Manager CSCS Card can help you become one. With this card, you can demonstrate to employers that you have sufficient expertise and skills to manage an entire construction site. You need to have an NVQ level 5 or above to be eligible for this CSCS card.

Once you have gained enough experience as a construction manager, you can apply for a CSCS White Card. For a White Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) Card, you need an NVQ level 7 qualification to be eligible for this card. Moreover, you can apply for a White Academically Qualified (AQP) Card with a level 7 NVQ qualification.

For all these CSCS cards, you’re required to pass the relevant CITB HS&E Test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do labourers make in the UK?
The average labourer’s earnings in the UK is £21,548. Entry-level positions start at £20, 914 while experienced labourers make around £24,863 annually.

How much do labourers get paid in London?
The average salary of labourers in London is £47,508 per year. The average additional cash compensation for labourers in London is £7,060.


The CSCS Labourer Card is a valuable asset that not only ensures safety on construction sites but also boosts earning potential. With this card, you can step into the industry with confidence and access better opportunities. When it comes to increasing earnings with a CSCS Labourer Card, it surely can provide you with the platform.

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