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Everything You Need to Know About the CSCS Test: Your Guide to CSCS Health and Safety Certification

Nauman Farooq

Oct 03, 2023

Read time : 9 mins

Table of contents

Different Types of CITB Tests
CITB Test Format and Duration
How to Book Your CITB Test
Preparing for the CITB Test
Is the CSCS Test and CITB Test the Same?

The CITB test, commonly referred to as the CSCS Health and Safety Test, is mandatory for aspiring construction workers. The test evaluates the candidate’s understanding of health and safety practices to ensure they are capable of working in the construction industry.

Different Types of CITB Tests

There are three types of CITB Health, Safety and Environment tests you can choose from:

  • CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Operatives: This test is designed for workers who perform general construction tasks on-site, such as labourers, bricklayers, carpenters, and painters. It is applicable to a wide range of trades in the UK, thus is the most popular of these CITB safety tests.
  • CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Specialists: This type of CITB test is for individuals holding supervisory roles and overseeing the work of others.
  • CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test for Managers and Professionals (MAP): This test is specifically targeted at individuals in managerial and professional positions within the construction industry, including project managers, site managers, and surveyors.

citb test types

CITB Test Format and Duration

The CITB Health and Safety test is a multiple-choice test. The duration of the test varies depending on the specific test you are taking. Generally, the test duration is 45 minutes. The pass mark for this test is 90%.

citb test format

How to Book Your CITB Test

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking the CITB Test

Booking the CITB test is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to book your test and secure your test date:

  1. Visit the official CITB website.
  2. Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  3. Provide the necessary personal details.
  4. Select the type of CITB test you wish to book (e.g. CITB Operative Test, CITB Supervisor Test, CITB Managers and Professionals Test).
  5. Choose your preferred test centre location.
  6. Select a convenient date and time for your test from the available options.
  7. Review your booking details and confirm your reservation.
  8. Pay the applicable test fee using the provided payment methods.

Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your test booking. 

Still unsure on how to book the CITB test? At Hurak, we can book your test on your behalf.

cscs card application

Choosing the Preferred Test Center
During the booking process, you have the flexibility to select a test centre that is most convenient for you. Consider factors such as location, accessibility, and availability of test dates.

Paying the Applicable Fees
Each type of CITB test has an associated fee that must be paid during the booking process. The fee varies depending on the test you are taking, but generally, booking your test directly with CITB costs £22.50. Before booking your test, ensure you have the necessary payment information and methods when booking. Keep in mind that test fees are non-refundable, so it’s crucial to be confident in your preparedness before finalising the booking.

How to Prepare for the CITB Test

1. Explore CSCS Health and Safety Revision Material
Before taking the CITB test, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the CSCS revision material.

2. Get Hurak’s Online Resources for CITB Test Preparation

There are many online resources including CSCS mock tests and videos that are available to help you prepare for the CITB test. Our mock tests closely resemble the actual test format. Utilise these online resources to supplement your revision and gain confidence in your understanding of health and safety principles.

3. Enrol on CITB Training Courses
For a more structured approach to CITB test preparation, consider enrolling on CITB training courses. By opting for these courses, you can develop knowledge required to work safely on a site.

4. Develop Effective Time Management Strategies
Effective time management is crucial when preparing for anytest. Allocate dedicated study time in your schedule, ensuring you have sufficient opportunity to review the material thoroughly.

Is The CSCS Test and CITB Test The Same?

The CSCS test and CITB test are often used interchangeably to refer to the same examination. However, CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) and CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) are different entities within the construction industry in the UK.

CSCS is a certification scheme that provides proof of an individual’s skills, qualifications, and health and safety competence as a construction operative. It issues different types of CSCS cards, which serve as evidence of an individual’s eligibility to work on construction sites. On the other hand, CITB is an industry training board that focuses on the training and development of the construction workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions are in the CSCS supervisor test?
All CSCS tests including CSCS supervisor test consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. To pass the tests it’s typically required to answer at least 45 out of the 50 questions correctly, achieving a pass mark of 90%.

Can I book the CITB test online?
Yes, the CITB test can be booked online through the official CITB website or you can have us book the test for you. The online booking process is convenient and allows you to choose your preferred test centre, date, and time according to your availability.

Are there any exemptions from taking the CITB test?
Exemptions from the CITB test may be granted in certain cases. For example, individuals who hold certain recognised qualifications, such as a construction-related degree, may be exempt from taking the test. Exemptions are subject to specific criteria, and it’s advisable to contact CITB at 0344 994 4777, lines are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Refer to their website for the most up-to-date information on eligibility and exemption requirements.

What happens if I fail the CITB test?
If you fail the CITB test, you can retake the test. However, it’s essential to thoroughly review the relevant study material and identify areas that require further improvement before attempting the test again. Take advantage of additional revision resources, practice tests, and training courses to enhance your knowledge and increase your chances of success in subsequent attempts, each will cost you £22.50. You can sit the CITB test again 24 hours after receiving your results.

Can I retake the CITB test if I don’t pass on my first attempt?
If you do not pass the CITB test on your first attempt, you’re eligible to retake the test. However, there may be a waiting period before you can rebook the test, depending on the test centre’s availability.


From understanding the test format and content, to exploring study resources and preparation strategies, you are now equipped with the knowledge and tools to excel in your exam. Remember, the CITB test serves as a crucial step in demonstrating your competence in health and safety within the construction industry.

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