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How to Get a CSCS Card in Scotland?

Talha Riaz

Oct 6, 2023

Read time : 10 mins

Table of contents

How Much Funding Can You Claim for a CSCS Card in Scotland?
How much does the CSCS Card Cost?
Frequently Asked Questions

According to Indeed, you can make up to £21,000 per year, even as a labourer in Scotland. Earning a CSCS card can help you stand out and get a better job in the construction sector.

In this blog post, I’ll guide you not only on how to get a CSCS card in Scotland, and we’ll also see the grant you can claim if you’re an employee of a CITB-registered employer.

How to Get a CSCS Card in Scotland?

cscs card scotland

1. Choose an appropriate Card

The first step in the process is to find out the CSCS Card you want to apply for. Since there are different CSCS cards, each approving of one’s expertise in a specific role, this might make it hard for you to select a card.

For instance, if you want to become a labourer in Scotland, the CSCS Green Card is what you should apply for.

The CSCS Card Finder can help you find the right card — you add in the:

     –  Role you want to pursue (Laborer, Architect, Surveyor, Bricklayer, etc.)
     –  Qualification you’ve obtained

It will give you a suitable card.

2. Pass the Required Qualification

Now that you know which CSCS card you want to pursue, you must obtain a relevant qualification. With so many different options available, it can sometimes be challenging to find out which one is applicable in Scotland. So, I’ll give you the list of approved qualifications coming straight from the official website.

  • CSCS Green Card

This card is intended for labourers in the construction industry and is valid for 5 years. If you’re looking for a short course and want to start right away, it’s perfect. You could complete any of the following qualifications to obtain a CSCS Green Card in Scotland:

i) An SCQF Level 4 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment
ii) An SCQF Level 5 REHIS Elementary Health and Safety Certificate

  • CSCS Red Card

The CSCS Red Card is for those who are enrolled on construction courses in parallel and are interested in buying time until they pass the course. This card gives you temporary access to construction sites, and its validity ranges from 6 months to 4 and a half years.

Trainee Card

For a trainee card, you must show proof that you’re registered for an SVQ, and it must be in the last two years.

Apprentice Card

The best part is that apprentice cards are issued free of charge to encourage more and more people to get this card. For the apprentice card, you need to show proof that you’re doing an approved apprenticeship. Any of the following would count as proof:

    –  A letter or an email from the managing agency of your apprenticeship

    –   A letter from your training provider

    –  Apprenticeship agreement

Experienced Technical, Supervisor, or Manager

For this card, you must be registered for a construction-related technical, supervisor, or management SVQ Level 3 or SVQ at SCQF Level 6 and higher.

Experienced Worker

For the Experienced Worker Card, you must be registered for a construction-related SVQ Level 2 or SVQ at SCQF Level 5 and higher.

Provisional Card

The Provisional Card can be applied for if you’re in a probationary period and haven’t held a CSCS card before.

  • CSCS Black Card

This card is for managers in the construction industry. You must have passed an SVQ Level 4, 5, 6, or 7. You also qualify for the black card if you hold an SVQ at SCQF Level 10 or 11 on construction management/technical-related qualification.

  • CSCS Gold Card

The CSCS Gold Card approves that you’re eligible for a supervisory role in your craft. For this card, you must be registered for an SVQ Level 3 or SVQ at SCQF Level 6.

  • CSCS White Card

To get this highest level card, you must either be a member of CSCS approved professional bodies or hold construction-related HNDs, HNCs, CIOB Certificates, and certain NEBOSH diplomas and certificates.

3. Pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test

Once you’re through the above steps, this will lead you to the CITB Test you should take. This test, famously known as the CSCS test, evaluates your theoretical understanding of health and safety principles that are expected from you to know in your role.

4. Final Step – Apply for the Card

This brings us to the last step, which is to apply for the card itself.

One prominent difference between obtaining a CSCS card in Scotland or elsewhere is the “Qualification.” If you’re from Scotland, you must obtain Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs).

This also doesn’t mean that you can’t get a CSCS card in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland if you hold NVQs; CSCS issues cards to construction workers in the entire UK. For a better understanding of which NVQ or SVQ you should go for to obtain your desired CSCS card, you can refer to the following pages.

CSCS Green Card
CSCS Red Card
CSCS Black Card
CSCS White Card
CSCS Gold Card

To apply for the CSCS card in Scotland, you need to create an account on CSCS portal and upload the following documents:

1. Qualification certificate
2. A number at the top of your passed CITB certificate

Also, you can follow this guide to get detailed instructions on how to get a CSCS card after you’re done with the earlier stages.

How Much Funding Can You Claim for a CSCS Card in Scotland?

To claim funding, you must be an employee of a CITB registered employer.

Before you start the process, classify if it’s a short or long course. If it takes more than a year, it’s a long course, and if it takes less time, it’s a short course.

Find the table below to know the amount your employer will be able to claim and the accepted qualifications for the grant.

cscs card scotland cost 

How much does the CSCS Card Cost?

The cost of a CSCS card is very subjective, as it would obviously be less expensive to obtain a labourer card than to acquire a black card for managers. But, for a general understanding, the total cost would be equal to what you fill in the equation below:

Total CSCS card cost = Qualification Cost + CITB Test Cost (£22.50) + Application Cost (£36)

For a detailed insight, I encourage you to read this dedicated post on the CSCS card cost; it gives you a complete breakdown of the expenses associated with getting your CSCS card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CSCS recognised in Scotland?
CSCS is a verification scheme that issues you a card after verifying your documents. These cards are valid across the UK, and thus, they are also recognised in Scotland.

Do you need a CSCS card in Scotland?
Having a CSCS card in Scotland is not a legal requirement, but it definitely increases your chances of securing better jobs in the construction industry.

How do I get a CSCS card in Scotland?
You must pass a relevant SVQ or construction-related degree, take a CSCS test, and apply for the CSCS card.


This guide is all you need if you’re from Scotland and interested in pursuing a CSCS card. You’ve covered everything from selecting the right qualification to applying for the card.

Still, if something doesn’t make much sense in this guide, you can reach out to us. We’ve been in the education industry for the past 13 years now, and we can absolutely help you smoothly sail through.