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How to Get an SIA Licence for Free

Nauman Farooq

Dec 18, 2023

Read time : 6 mins

Table of contents

Approved SIA Licence Training Courses
SIA Licence Application
Wrap Up

Getting an SIA licence is a straightforward process that involves specific training and application fees. If you want to get an SIA licence for free, you can only find different ways to get free SIA licence training. However, there is no legal or legitimate way to avoid the £184 SIA licence application fee in the UK.

In this blog post, I’ll share a list of some sources to get free SIA courses, saving you approximately £150 to £200. Once you get the SIA training, you will only have to pay the licence application fee.

Get Free SIA Training Courses

Free Sia Training Resources

1. SIA “Good Causes” Grants

If you want an SIA licence and are looking for free SIA training, you can apply for this grant and use that money to pay for the SIA training. Security Industry Authority (SIA) has established this fund to support good causes with a primary purpose to benefit the private security industry.

To allocate the money to the candidates, there’s a committee that decides who should get the funds. Below are the criteria for granting the funds.

Who Can Apply for a Grant?

To be eligible for the grant, you must:

  • Be a part of a registered charity or a community interest company
  • Show that the grant is going to have a positive impact on the UK private security industry

Please fill in the form to apply for this grand.

2. SIA Scholarships

You can apply for funds from SIA scholarships to pay for your SIA training course. Security Industry Authority (SIA) offers scholarships to invest in future leaders so they can bring advancement to the security industry.

For example, the SIA RISE Scholarship was introduced for students and young professionals in the field to support their career development efforts. There are multiple scholarships available that grant you $3,000. It is enough for you to get enrolled on a SIA licence training course without spending your money.

The SIA scholarship is for SIA’s RISE community for young security professionals who are employees of SIA member companies.

3. Employers that Pay for Your Training

Some employers in the security industry offer training to their employees free of cost. If you do not have an SIA licence and are willing to get one by taking an SIA course, you can join such companies.

Some companies support you by paying for your SIA training courses so you can get SIA licenced. They offer a plan to repay a fixed monthly amount from your salary.

Free SIA Training Resources

At Hurak Learning, we offer free SIA training resources in e-books, mock tests, YouTube videos, and more. 

1. Get Your FREE e-Book

If you’re looking for free SIA licence training that you can access right now, you can download our FREE e-book. Download this e-book and start your SIA training right away.

2. Free SIA Mock Test

We offer free mock tests to prepare for the SIA licence test. You can take this test as many times as you want until you are sure you’re well prepared for the test.

3. Videos

Prepare for your SIA licence mock test with our video tutorial below. It’s a question-and-answer video tutorial designed to help you quickly gain the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the assessment.

APLH Personal Licence Mock Exam 2023

Approved SIA Licence Training Courses

At Hurak Learning, we offer many SIA licence training courses that help you get an SIA licence. Visit our security courses page to check all the SIA courses.

If you already have an SIA Door Supervisor Licence and want to renew it, check out our SIA Top Up Training Course for Door Supervisors.

SIA Licence Application

After getting your SIA training, the next step is to apply for an SIA licence. To learn how to apply for an SIA licence, read our blog, “A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting an SIA Licence.”

If you want to know the details of your current SIA licence, read our Comprehensive Guide to the SIA Licence Checker.

Wrapping Up

Getting an SIA training is mandatory to get your SIA licence. However, it’s an investment that not everyone can afford. Therefore, in this blog post, I’ve discussed some sources to help you with this. However, you will still have to pay an SIA licence application fee of £184.

If you already have funds and want to enrol on an SIA course, please check our SIA security courses.