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Essential Skills in a Security Guard

Tuba Tasneem

March 27, 2023

Read time : 5 mins

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Essential Skills Develop The Skills


SIA Security guards are crucial for protecting people, homes, and other assets from harm. Guards are equipped with many abilities to respond appropriately to emergencies and monitor properties. Guards can respond quickly to several incidents or circumstances and safeguard an area’s integrity. In this article, we will go through the responsibilities of a security guard in maintaining a property’s safety, some of their abilities, and how to improve them.

Essential Skills in a Security Guard

Essential Security Guard Skills

An SIA security guard needs a variety of skills to adequately secure a space. Some of these skills are innate in security guards, while others are learned through certification courses or training sessions. You can become a more efficient SIA security officer by being conscious of your talents and abilities and purposefully learning new ones. The majority of security guards should have the following essential skills:

1. Communication

The ability to communicate is a crucial life skill and can enhance regular security guard operations. You can direct and assist a facility’s operations with verbal and written communication skills. Additionally, this can assist in avoiding challenges or problems brought on by unclear communication. Here are some other talents that can aid in improving your communication abilities:

  • Active listening
  • Reading Abilities
  • Condensing information

2. Knowledge of Security Operations

Researching and implementing security operations can help maintain a consistent presence and enhance a location’s general security. It is possible to ensure that all security employees support everyday tasks to the same standard by staying updated with SIA security operations or standards. This can hasten emergency or crisis reactions as all staff members may react similarly and offer equivalent assistance. The following abilities can aid in the development of your understanding of security operations or procedural skills:

  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Researching abilities

3. Multi-Tasking

You might carry out several jobs simultaneously throughout a day. Managing several duties at once is crucial because doing so can increase daily production and the security team’s effectiveness. For instance, to preserve the integrity of a facility’s entry point, you might simultaneously conduct the two vital jobs of screening guests and keeping an eye on the door. The following abilities can assist you in improving your multi-tasking capacity:

  • Organisational skills
  • Task prioritising
  • Time management

4. Surveillance

Surveillance is a significant aspect of an SIA security guard; learning this ability is crucial to enhancing your security capabilities. You can enhance your ability to spot criminal activity or security incidents by honing your surveillance skills. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) feeds for risk assessment and live observation are two frequent surveillance methods. The following abilities can aid in the development of your surveillance skills:

  • Attention to detail
  • Situational awareness
  • Quick reflexes

5. Emotional Control

Be mindful of your reactions and practise emotional restraint because some security scenarios can be unpleasant or highly emotional. By doing so, you will be better able to support others during similar circumstances. By imagining potential security situations and making predictions about your reactions, you can acquire insight into your reactions. This might assist you in identifying your emotional reactions and strategies for controlling or managing them. The following competencies can aid in the development of your capacity for emotional restraint:

  • Self-awareness
  • Professionalism

6. Attention to Detail

Paying attention to detail can aid in maintaining a facility’s integrity and surveillance skills. In addition to keeping an eye on a building’s physical operations, security officers may also check paperwork and identification to make sure only the right persons are allowed admission. Maintaining the security of the building and the safety of all the individuals you protect can be facilitated by having the ability to swiftly check and spot discrepancies in documents or identity. The following abilities can assist you in honing your attention to detail:

  • Knowledge of accurate documents or identification
  • Critical thinking
  • Alertness

7. Customer Service

On a regular basis, SIA security guards contact a variety of people, which can call for great customer service abilities in order to uphold an area’s security. De-escalating situations and maintaining a secure and regulated environment can be accomplished by maintaining a positive but authoritative presence. You can build solid client or interpersonal interactions and preserve long-lasting professional partnerships with the aid of effective customer service skills. You can enhance your customer service abilities by developing some of the following skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem-solving

Develop the Skills of a Security Guard

While some security guards may already have the expertise, many methods exist to expand your skill set and enhance your surveillance capabilities. Formal courses and certificates are valuable tools to advance and validate your security guard experience and sharpen your security abilities. Some ways to improve your security guard abilities are:

1. Higher Education

While merely a general education may be required for some security guard professions, earning a two- or four-year degree will help you become more knowledgeable about security. Your skill set may be expanded by pursuing a degree in criminal justice, law, psychology, or homeland security, among other fields of study. Each of these degrees can help you learn useful skills that will make you a more capable security expert.

2. Certifications

You might consider getting certificates to hone and establish your security knowledge before finishing your higher schooling. Given that some security certifications may be obtained without a formal education, this course may be more appealing. Among the certifications you might think about obtaining are:

3. Get an SIA Licence

Most security officers hold a front-line Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence, regardless of higher education or certification. But before you apply for an SIA Licence, you need to complete the training associated with it. Choose from a variety of SIA Security courses that Hurak offers. With the help of an SIA licence, you can improve your abilities in personal safety, conflict resolution, fire safety, patrolling, and fundamental security duties. You might think about keeping your driver’s licence up to date or obtaining these extra licences in addition to your SIA licence:

  • Door supervisor
  • Close protection
  • Cash and valuables in transit
  • Public space surveillance
  • Vehicle immobiliser
  • Key holder
  • Vehicle removal and clamping
  • CCTV operation

4. Complete on-job Training

Attending on-the-job training with a security company is another excellent option for developing your abilities. This can help you hone the abilities you may have picked up in training or while attending a university. You can become a more effective guard by using the valuable experience and talents you gained throughout this time, and you might also acquire some insight into some skills you might want to develop.