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What is CITB? Your Guide to the Construction Industry Training Board

Nauman Farooq

Oct 06, 2023

Read time 8 minutes

Table of contents

What is the CITB Test?
What Do I Need to Bring to the CITB Test?
Is CITB the Same as CSCS?
How Do I Get a CITB Card?
Final Words

CITB stands for Construction Industry Training Board, this board aims to promote adherence to safety standards on construction sites in the UK. Another core objective of CITB is to encourage skill development.


CITB has Site Safety Plus (SSP) courses, ranging from a one-day health and safety course for the CSCS Green Card to the 5-day Site Manager’s course intended for construction site managers.

Below is a list of a few CITB Site Safety Plus (SSP) courses you can enrol in to enhance your chances of securing a better job in the construction industry.

CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training (SSSTS) Online
CITB Site Manager Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)
CITB Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS-R) Online Refresher
CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme Online Refresher

For instance, if you’re a site supervisor and your role is to oversee construction workers – you should look into the SSSTS course because it’ll help you communicate to your employers that you’re serious about maintaining safety standards. You’ll also have access to a wide range of extra job opportunities, particularly those requiring applicants to hold a SSSTS certificate.

If you’re confused about picking the right course, I recommend contacting our support team for further clarification.

What is the CITB Test?

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test is an exam that CITB conducts to evaluate the candidate’s exposure to safety practices for construction sites in the UK.

You must complete the relevant CITB test as a mandatory step before applying for any CSCS card.

The types of CITB HS&E Test are as follows:

  1. Operatives
  2. Specialists
  3. Managers and Professionals (MAP)

These three tests, as indicated above, are the CITB test types available. To qualify for a CSCS card, you must pass one of these tests. The specific CITB test you need to pass is determined by the CSCS card you aim to obtain.

The cost of the CITB test is £22.50, and you can take the test at your nearest Pearson VUE test centre. Across the country, there are many Pearson VUE test centres for you to choose from, making it convenient for you to select the one closest to your location.

To know more about which CITB (HS&E) test you need to do, please read this dedicated guide on CSCS card types. In this blog, we discuss the different types of CSCS cards, their target audiences, and the corresponding CITB test that is mandatory for each card.

It’s worth noting that when taking your CITB test, you can request special assistance, which allows you to complete the test with a voiceover audio recording available in both English and Welsh.

For the Operatives test, you can choose from 12 languages: English, Welsh, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

How Do I Book the CITB Test?

Booking the test is a straightforward process; just visit CITB’s website, create an account, and make an online booking.

Alternatively, if you’re uncertain about booking your test, we’re here to assist and can handle the booking on your behalf; click on CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Test to find out more.

Download our 53-page course handbook for free!

What Do I Need to Bring to the CITB Test?

To meet the requirements for taking the CITB test, you need to prove your identity by showing a valid form of ID with your photo and signature. The acceptable forms of ID are:

  • Passport (UK or international)
  • Driving Licence (UK or European)
  • Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)
  • Biometric Residence Card (BRC)

The document you provide should be in your own name, in date at the time of the test, and must be original (no photocopies or digital copies). You can check the full list of identification requirements for HS&E tests.

Is CITB the Same as CSCS?

CITB and CSCS are two different organisations, although both of these non-governmental bodies work towards promoting establishment of safety standards on construction sites in the UK.

CITB conducts safety tests to evaluate candidates’ skill levels to keep themselves and those around them safe on construction sites.

While CSCS cards not only confirm knowledge of health and safety principles but also account for experience and skill level.

This being the reason, the CITB test is a mandatory requirement to apply for any CSCS card. Hence, both of these bodies go hand in hand. Their roles differ somewhat, but their primary aim remains consistent: promoting safety on construction sites.

How Do I Get a CITB Card?

CITB doesn’t give you a card on completion of a course or after passing the CITB (HS&E) test. The CSCS card is often mistaken for the CITB card.

In other words, the general consensus is that CITB cards are the same as CSCS cards. However, this is a misconception. The CITB test is a compulsory step for obtaining a CSCS card.

Below, you’ll find the steps to follow in order to get a CSCS card in the UK:

  1. Select the card
  2. Get the required qualifications
  3. Pass the health, safety, and environment test
  4. Apply for the card
  5. Verify your documents
  6. Pay the fee
  7. Get your card

If you want to learn more about CITB, including the different CITB tests, and which test is suitable for your role, please read this blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to pass the CITB test?

That depends on you entirely If you prepare for the CITB test well, you won’t have any problems passing it.

You can revise the content with our revision material and work on your weak areas. To bridge the language gap, an audio voiceover in 12 languages is available for the CITB Health, Safety and Environment (HS&E) test for Operatives. While the CITB HS&E test for Specialists or Managers and Professionals is only available in either English or Welsh.

Can you get a CSCS card without the CITB test?

No. To get a CSCS card, it is necessary to complete a CITB health and safety training course and pass a CITB health safety and environment test.

Do I need to revise before sitting for my CSCS test?

Whether you’re about to take your CITB test for the first time or if you’re retaking it, it is strongly recommended to prepare in advance.

You can download our free CITB Test Prep book, featuring over 400 questions and answers, or access our mock tests through this link.

Final Words!

As we come to the end of this blog, we hope you now have a clear understanding of what CITB is and its significance within the construction industry.

With continuous development, CITB ensures that construction workers are equipped to meet the industry’s ever-evolving demands.