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What CSCS Card Do I Need: Find the Right CSCS Card

Nauman Farooq

Oct 04, 2023

Read time : 08 mins

Table of contents

What CSCS Card Do I Need?
Requirements for Getting a CSCS Card
Applying for Your Desired CSCS Card
How Much Does a CSCS Card Cost?
Wrapping Up: Which CSCS Card You Need?

According to the CSCS website, over 2 million CSCS cards have been issued since the scheme was introduced in 1995. With such a large number of cardholders, it’s clear that having the right CSCS card is a critical step towards working safely and efficiently in the construction industry.

In this blog post, I’m going to help you find the right CSCS card for your career.

What CSCS Card Do I Need?

There are different types of CSCS cards, each denoted by a unique colour. These cards indicate a particular level of experience, qualification, and skill set. The available colours for CSCS cards are green, red, blue, black, gold, and white.

  • Green CSCS Card: Also known as a CSCS Labourer Card, the CSCS Green Card is for site labourers who perform basic tasks on a construction site.
  • Red CSCS Card: This CSCS card is a temporary card mainly used by people who are working towards qualifications relevant to their role. These cards are non-renewable. 
  • Blue CSCS Card (Skilled Worker Card): The CSCS Blue Card, also known as the Skilled Worker Card, is evidence of a person’s competence to perform experienced roles on a construction site. 
  • Gold CSCS Card (Supervisor Card): This card is tailored to cater to the needs of advanced craft and supervisory roles. Achieving the NVQ/SVQ Level 3 for Advanced Craft is mandatory to get a CSCS Gold Card
  • Black CSCS Card (Managers Card): The CSCS Black Card is considered to have the highest credibility within the construction industry. To get the CSCS Black Card, you must complete a level 5/6/7 construction-related NVQ. A CSCS Black Card helps you get top management jobs in construction. 
  • White Academically Qualified Person (AQP) CSCS Card: People who have completed construction-related courses – HNDs, HNCs, CIOB and NEBOSH – are eligible for a CSCS White Card. These cards have a validity of five years and can be renewed for a duration of 1 year. 
  • White Professionally Qualified Person (PQP) CSCS Card: The professionally qualified person (PQP) CSCS Card signifies that a cardholder has membership in an approved professional body. Moreover, this card proves that a person has sufficient knowledge and skills to work on a construction site without supervision.

Choosing the Right CSCS Card

Selecting the right CSCS card depends on your job, qualifications, and experience. I’ve put the CSCS cards into three categories based on individuals’ level of knowledge and experience. After looking at these categories, you can decide which CSCS card is right for you.

choose the right cscs card

CSCS Cards for Labouring Roles

If you’re new to the construction industry and work in labouring roles, the CSCS Green Card (also known as an entry-level CSCS card) is ideal for you.

CSCS Card for Skilled Workers

Skilled workers who have completed apprenticeships and NVQ/SVQ qualifications can apply for a CSCS Blue Card. You can also get a Blue CSCS Card without an NVQ. This card helps them get high-skilled roles in the construction industry.

CSCS Cards for Supervisory and Managerial Positions

Supervisors and managers who aspire to serve in supervisory and managerial positions can benefit from a CSCS Gold Card. Applicants must hold a Level 3 NVQ/SVQ qualification to get a gold card.

CSCS Cards for Senior Managers and Professionals

If you’re a senior manager, the CSCS Black Card is the most suitable option for you. You must pass Level 6 or 7 NVQ/SVQ to obtain this card.

Requirements for Getting a CSCS Card

requirement for getting cscs card

The requirements for obtaining a CSCS can vary depending on the type of card you need. In general, you require the following:

  • You must get the required training to develop knowledge and skills for your desired CSCS card. For that, you can opt for a relevant course.
  • Passing the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment Test is mandatory for getting any CSCS card.
  • You’ll also need relevant qualifications and experience depending on the type of CSCS card you’re applying for. For example, if you’re looking to obtain a CSCS Blue Card, you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship and hold an NVQ/SVQ qualification.

Applying for Your Desired CSCS Card

To apply for a CSCS card, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the CSCS website and click on the “Applying for cards” option. You will need to create an account and provide your basic personal information.

Step 2: You must attach your qualification certificates and a digital passport-style photo. Also, provide information related to your valid CITB health and safety test.

Step 3: Now, you must pay the fee for your desired CSCS card.

How Much Does a CSCS Card Cost?

There is a standard CSCS card cost of £36, in addition to the cost of the CITB test, which is £22.50. Be sure to regularly check the CSCS website or call 0344 994 4777 (8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday) to stay up-to-date on pricing

Wrapping Up: Which CSCS Card You Need?

Applying for a CSCS card has never been easier, and with the right qualifications and requirements in place, you can take the first step towards a successful career in construction. By following the proper guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and successful application process.
Once you receive your CSCS card, you become eligible to work in the construction industry. However, it’s advisable to renew your CSCS card before it expires to avoid having unwanted repercussions.