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Discover How to Get a Free SIA Training Course

Nauman Farooq

Nov 01, 2023

Read time : 5 mins

Table of contents

To become a security operative, you must pass a licence-linked course and apply for an SIA licence.

In this blog, we’ll see the different ways to do an SIA Training course for free and whether free SIA training courses are as good as paid ones.

Where Can I Get Free SIA Training Courses?

Government-Funded Programmes and Initiatives

Government bodies, like the Job Centre, often offer free or subsidised training programs to support skill development and employment opportunities. However, eligibility for free SIA training is not guaranteed. This requirement stems from the need to be unemployed for at least a year before government assistance becomes available.

Scholarships and Grants

Industry-specific organisations and associations sometimes provide scholarships or grants to individuals seeking SIA training. These programmes aim to promote professional development.

Employer-Sponsored Training Opportunities

Some employers, particularly in the security industry, may offer their employees free or subsidised SIA training. If you’re currently employed or seeking employment in the security sector, check with potential employers or your current employer to see if they provide training programmes as part of their employee benefits.

However, it’s important to remember that certain employers might deduct the repayment from your wages.
Furthermore, the entire amount may be due if you leave your job before completing the repayment. Additionally, some employers may even apply interest charges.

I still believe it’s beneficial to negotiate with your current or potential employer to cover your training expenses. This approach allows you to remain employed and maintain a steady income. After settling the loan, you’ll be a qualified SIA licence holder and an experienced one.

Non-Profit Organisations and Community Initiatives

Non-profit organisations and community-based initiatives occasionally offer free SIA training courses as part of their social outreach efforts. Research local non-profit organisations or community centres near you to explore any available free training options.

Other Resources and Tools for Getting Free SIA Training

In addition to the avenues mentioned earlier, there are several other resources and tools you can utilise to find free SIA training opportunities:

Online Directories and Databases

These platforms often allow you to filter and search for free courses specific to the SIA training you seek. Examples include government training portals, educational institution websites, or dedicated training directories.

Industry Forums and Communities

Engage with the community, ask for recommendations, and inquire about any known free SIA training opportunities that members may be aware of.

Local Training Centres and Educational Institutions

Contact local training centres, vocational schools, or educational institutions in your area. While some may charge for SIA training, others occasionally offer free or subsidised programmes. Inquire about any upcoming free training initiatives or scholarships they may provide.

Are Free SIA Training Courses as Good as Paid Courses?

Whether free or paid SIA training, the quality and effectiveness of SIA training courses depend significantly on the training provider. Some free courses offer high-quality training, but you must look for the provider’s reputation and credentials. Paid courses often have advantages, such as better resources, experienced instructors, and a higher likelihood of meeting SIA standards. However, this does not guarantee that all paid courses are superior.

To assess which course gives you better value, whether free or paid, you must look at any course’s specific content, reviews, and success rates.

Ultimately, the quality of the training matters more than whether it’s free or paid.

At Hurak, we’ve got training providers from all over the UK — you can contact them and find SIA courses available in different locations. These courses include:

1. Level 2 Door Supervisor Course
2. SIA CCTV Operator Training
3. SIA Security Guard Training Course
4. SIA Trainer/Security Instructors Course Package


Are there any prerequisites for enrolling on a free SIA training course?
Most of the free SIA training courses have no specific requirements. It’s suggested to review the eligibility criteria provided by the course provider or funding organisation before you opt for any course.

Can I get a job in the security industry after completing a free SIA training course?
You need a valid SIA licence to work in the security industry. However, most free SIA training courses do not provide the required regulated qualification, which is a prerequisite for getting an SIA license. Consequently, completing a free SIA training course will not qualify you for a security job.

Can I get a scholarship or grant for SIA training?
You can get scholarships or grants for SIA training from industry organisations, associations, or educational institutions.