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A Comprehensive Guide to Top SIA Security Jobs

Nauman Farooq

july 14, 2023

Read time : 5 mins

Table of contents

Importance Of SIA Licence In Getting Top Security Jobs
Types of SIA Licence
Security Jobs You Can Get After Getting An SIA Licence
Dig Deep Into The Top SIA Security Jobs
Market Demand And Salary Of The SIA Security Jobs
Key Takeaway


Do you want to work in the security industry but aren’t sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we will go over a variety of SIA security jobs and opportunities available after obtaining an SIA licence.
Undoubtedly, understanding the types of security job roles is important for you because it assists you in making an informed decision and choosing the right career path. After reading this, you can easily decide which path is suitable for you in the security industry. But first, you should understand the significance of an SIA licence.

Importance of SIA licence

First and foremost, it validates your expertise and competencies. The SIA licence is proof that you’re competent enough to carry out the security roles effectively. The significance of getting it also lies in the fact that it is legal compliance for SIA security jobs. You cannot work in the UK if you don’t have this badge.
This licence is considered a benchmark and industry standard in the security domain and essential for many SIA security jobs. Whilst holding this licence is essential and holds many perks, you cannot overlook the fact it provides you with better job opportunities. Many employers and HR managers in the security industry prefer applicants who have an SIA licence.
Having the licence not only increases your chances of getting a job but also opens up a wider range of SIA security job opportunities, including positions with greater responsibilities and higher pay.

Types of SIA Licence

Till now, you must be familiar with the SIA licence and its importance. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence is compulsory for anyone who wants to work in the security industry. The SIA Licence is of two types:

Front Line Licence

You will need to get the front-line licence if you’re performing front-line activities as a part of your job. Moreover, if your job roles include directly engaging in security activities that involve interaction with the public or clients, you must have a front-line licence. The most common front line licences are Security Guard, Door Supervisor, Close Protection Operative and CCTV Operative.

Non-Front Line Licence

If you’re responsible for managing employees performing licensable activities, as well as directors and partners, you must hold a non-front-line licence. The most common non-front line licences are Security System Installer, Security Consultant, Key Holders and Security Manager.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain An SIA Licence?

To get the SIA Licence, you must

  • be over 18 years old.
  • complete the valid SIA training qualification.
  • complete the identity checks.
  • submit the SIA application.

What Security Jobs I Can Get After Getting An SIA Licence?

After getting your SIA Licence, you can get jobs in the following top-notch positions.

  • Security Officer/Guard
  • CCTV Operator
  • Close Protection Officer
  • Security Manager/Supervisor
  • Retail Security Officer
  • Event Security Officer
  • Mobile Patrol Officer
  • Industrial Security Officer
  • Transport Security Officer

Security Officer/Guard: Security guards are responsible for ensuring the security and safety of people and property in a variety of settings.

CCTV Operator: CCTV operators keep an eye on monitoring and surveillance systems, such as closed-circuit television cameras, and report any unusual activity or security breaches.

Close Protection Officer: Close protection officers, also known as bodyguards, provide personal security to groups or individuals that demand high security due to their high-profile status or threat to their lives.

Security Manager/Supervisor: Security managers are in charge of managing an organization’s security operations, developing security policies, managing security personnel, and coordinating risk assessments.

Retail Security Officers: The primary function of a Retail Security Officer is to prevent theft. This is typically accomplished by observing customers and identifying any unusual shoplifting activity.

Event Security Officer: During social and entertainment events, and festivals, event security managers help with crowd management, access control, and overall safety.

Mobile Patrol Officer: Mobile patrol security guards protect premises and personnel by patrolling on the premises. They control the rapid alarm situations.

Industrial Security Officer: Industrial security specialists design, implement, and manage security systems and procedures for a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, information technology, and military operations.

Transport Security Officer: Screening airport passengers, cargo, and bags for forbidden and dangerous objects and materials is the Transportation Security Officer’s responsibility.

Digging Deeper Into the Top SIA Security Jobs

Out of many, the following are the most renowned and widely opted SIA security jobs. Apply for the latest Sia security jobs on Jooble.

Security Officers/ Guards Job

Roles and Responsibilities
As a Security guard, you’re responsible for maintaining the peace and security on the premises and the area. you’re also in charge of checking passes and other documents granting access to the facility, permitting the vehicle to enter a specific area, preventing situations where the protected property can be stolen, and inspecting vehicles that are entering or leaving the protected area. Besides this, you also monitor CCTV cameras to spot malicious activities for security risks.

Requirements To Get SIA Security Guard Job

  • Applicants must complete a training course approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).
  • They must be at least eighteen years old and a resident of the United Kingdom.
  • A criminal record and identity check are also required.
  • They should also be fluent in English.

CCTV Operator Jobs

Roles and Responsibilities

The major roles and responsibilities of CCTV operators include monitoring and controlling almost 15 screens in the central control room. As a CCTV operator, you also have to maintain a secure system for providing data in conformity with established regulations. You must be diligent, maintain integrity and accuracy, and ensure the confidentiality of all information obtained through compliance with standards and rules at all times.

Requirements to Get CCTV Operator Jobs

To be eligible for the CCTV operator jobs you must have to fulfil the requirement and meet the eligibility criteria:

  • You must have a Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) Licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).
  • You must be at least 18 years old. You must also pass an identity check, and a criminal record check, and have completed and gained a SIA level 2 award as a CCTV operator in a private security industry.
  • You must complete three mandatory modules in 32 hours. For more information, go to SIA’s original website.

Door Supervisor Job

Roles and Responsibilities
Venues employ a door supervisor who also serves as a security guard. As a door supervisor, you’re in charge of people’s safety and for this, you must have a strong sense of responsibility. Your main goal is to provide security, which is accomplished through various tasks such as checking the legal age and drinking age of people entering or refusing entry to drunk or intoxicated people. Moreover, you have to frequently deal with difficult situations in which people are aggressive or disobey the venue rules so you must be prepared for it.

Requirements to Get an SIA Door Supervisor Jobs

  • To work as Door Supervisor firstly, you must get a front-line licence issued by Security Industry Authority (SIA).
  • You must have completed an SIA ‘licence-linked’ qualification before applying for a front-line licence. This is the Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor in the Private Security Industry at this time.
  • You must also complete an Emergency First Aid at Work or equivalent course before taking your licence-linked qualification.
    Note: We at Hurak provide both SIA Licence-linked and Emergency first aid at work training.
  • You must be 18 years or above age.

Close Protection Officer Job

Roles and Responsibilities

The major responsibility of Close Protection Officers (CPOs) is to keep their clients safe from unwanted attention or physical harm. If you get a job as a Close Protection Officer, you’re in charge of evaluating security measures and providing discreet surveillance. Also, you’re responsible for providing and ensuring the safety of the principal and their family members. Additionally, you’re in charge of risk assessment, making plans to minimize threats, manage and look for the security of vehicles and households.

Essential Requirements to Get a Close Protection Officer Jobs

  • You must have a valid UK driving licence.
  • You also have an SIA front-line close protection licence as well as a level 3 close protection course training.

What Is The Salary Of SIA Security Jobs?

Well, one of the most important things you want to know is the salary of the SIA security jobs. Getting any of the above security jobs is worthwhile and several benefits come with them. Without any further delay, let’s have a look at top-notch SIA security jobs and their average salary in the United Kingdom.

Security Jobs

Average Salary

Security Officer


Door Supervisor


CCTV Operator


Close Protection Officer


Security Manager/Supervisor


Retail Security Officer


Event Security Officer


Mobile Patrol Officer


Industrial Security Officer


Transport Security Officer


Overall, all the SIA security jobs are considered lucrative but security manager jobs are the highest-paid out of all. However, several reasons also account for higher salaries such as your previous experience, job role, and geographical location.

Where Can I Get Complete And Valid Training For The Top SIA Security Jobs?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for SIA-approved training resources for top security job roles. We offer complete training qualifications for Security guards, CCTV operators, Door supervisors, and close protection jobs. You can get the training qualification for these jobs at Hurak Learning which is the most valid and authentic resource. Our training courses are cost-effective and cover everything you need to obtain the qualification and get SIA Licence. You can enrol directly from our website for the course that matches your current job role and interest.


What is the SIA Licence?
A Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence is the legal requirement for anyone who wants to take and get hired for a security job in the United Kingdom. For instance, if you want to work as a door supervisor at events or as a security officer (security guard) at licenced places, you will need one.

How much money does an SIA security officer make?
In the UK, an SIA security officer makes an average salary of £22,181 annually, or £11.38 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is £21,350 per year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is £26,461.

How long is SIA training?
The duration of the SIA training usually depends on the specific training course and training provider. Generally, if you’re taking training from a valid and reliable training institute you will complete the training qualification in probably less than one week. We at Hurak strive our level best to provide the best SIA training qualification in just a few days.

  • Security Guard and Door Supervisor Training: The SIA-approved training is usually finished in 4 to 5 days for security guards and 2 days for door supervisor roles.
  • Close Protection Training: When compared to other SIA training courses, close protection training is more thorough and intensive. It typically takes longer to complete but we finish this training course in 7 days.
  • CCTV Operator Training: It usually takes 2 days to complete the required training to become a licenced CCTV operator on our platform.
    How long is the security guard training?
    The SIA Security Guarding Training offered by Hurak Learning is of 4 days. The qualification is divided into three units and each will be assessed by a multiple-choice exam.
    How do I become a CCTV operator?
    To become a CCTV operator, you must have to follow the below steps:
  • Check the requirements issued by SIA to become a CCTV operator
  • Complete the SIA-approved training at Hurak.
  • Obtain a qualification course
  • Apply for an SIA licence and pay the licence fees
  • Await for your licence and then find a job

Key Takeaway

This blog has helped you learn about the SIA security jobs. It is worth noting that obtaining an SIA licence will not only give you an opportunity to start working in the security industry but will also open up a variety of career opportunities with high salaries.
The blog also assists you in understanding the roles and responsibilities of top-tier job roles in the security industry such as security guard, close protection officer, CCTV operator, and door supervisor. This will help you to make an informed decision and choose the right career. So, get your SIA licence now and start an exciting SIA security career.