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How to Become a Teaching Assistant With No Experience

Nauman Farooq

May 20, 2024

Read time : 08 mins

Table of contents

If you don’t have any experience as a Teaching Assistant, you could find yourself in a never-ending cycle where you think you need experience to get a job, but you can only get experience with a job. On the other hand, you can develop your resume as a potential teaching assistant and obtain relevant experience through various non-traditional job options.

How to Become a Teaching Assistant with No Experience

Without experience, you can still work as a teaching assistant, but your chances of getting hired as a TA may be less. While candidates with experience are more likely to be called for interviews, you can increase your chances of landing a position as a teaching assistant by taking specific actions.


Here’s how to get started as a teaching assistant without prior experience:

Undertake an Internship or Apprenticeship

You could assist professional teaching assistants or even participate in lesson planning as an intern teaching assistant. Apprenticeships may provide structured training in addition to employment. Moreover, they guarantee that you will get the required skills and make money at the same time.

Sign Up for Volunteer Work

Another option is to gain experience by volunteering at your child’s school or with other kid-focused organisations. If you have previously volunteered to tutor kids, this can be a great experience that applies to the position. You could also volunteer in your neighborhood if this is the first time you have done it.

Apply for Teaching Assistant Roles

Once you think you already possess the knowledge and expertise needed to work as a teaching assistant, you can begin applying for relevant jobs. As a teaching assistant, you can apply for a position directly with a company, institution, or educational setting. Direct applications through academy trusts or local authorities are also available. Look for job openings without experience or educational requirements, and show flexibility in the hiring procedure.

Entry-Level Positions

Seeking entry-level positions in educational settings, such as a lunchtime supervisor or breakfast/after-school club coordinator, can be a stepping stone to a Teaching Assistant role. These positions offer valuable exposure to the school environment and allow you to build relationships with teachers and administrators.

Get Childcare Experience

Engaging with children beyond the limitation of formal education can be very helpful in getting a teaching assistant job. Taking care of children or helping at after-school programmes can help you better understand their needs and behaviours. This gives you a great starting point for becoming a teaching assistant because you will be skilled at communicating, being patient, and recognising the variety of kids’ needs.


If you want to become a teaching assistant but have no experience, you must engage with professionals in the field. You can attend workshops, seminars, or relevant events where you can meet experienced professionals in the field. You can show your willingness and interest in the field and your availability for the job. These professionals often look for talented and dedicated individuals for such roles. By attending such events, you will have a better understanding of this field and will gain more knowledge.

Get Teaching Assistant Supporting Qualifications

Even though qualifications are important, they may not always be sufficient for a teaching assistant. Since many applicants may possess very similar skills and knowledge to yours, it could be helpful to have some additional qualifications to go along with your TA certifications. Pursuing one of the many complementary qualifications available can give you additional knowledge in specialised fields like childcare, mental health awareness, safeguarding, equality and diversity, or even first aid.

Other Important Teaching Assistant Skills

Besides relevant experience and training, teaching assistants may require additional specific skills. Knowing these skills can help you establish if this is the right career choice for you and help you determine which skills to develop. Here are some of the essential skills for a teaching assistant:

  • Sensitive and caring nature: Working with children requires being sensitive and caring, as they have different needs.
  • Strong communication skills: A large part of the role entails communicating with children to motivate them and help them understand complex ideas. Effective communication skills can help you easily manage children of all age groups.
  • Active listening skills: A good listener is essential to listen to children’s needs. Furthermore, listening skills can help you identify bullying and conflict when talking to children.
  • Patience and stamina: Working with children can be stressful sometimes, and you must remain calm. Furthermore, a teacher’s assistant role can be rather demanding and may require high stamina and energy.
  • Flexibility: As a teaching assistant, you may work with children who struggle to learn or face various problems. Flexibility can help you explore alternative methods that suit individual children’s learning requirements.
  • Positive attitude: Being positive in your role can help you encourage students and make them enjoy your company. Additionally, it can help you develop a trustworthy relationship with children.
  • Creativity: Some students, especially those with special education needs, may find more traditional learning methods difficult. To ensure children’s growth and learning, it is important to find engaging and innovative teaching methods.
  • Basic computer skills: Working with a computer and completing paperwork electronically may be part of your role as a teacher’s assistant. Therefore, having basic knowledge of computers can be helpful.
  • A clean criminal background: Your employer may want to conduct a background check to see if you have any past criminal convictions. Background checks are standard for roles that involve working with children.


Can you be a Teaching Assistant with no experience?
Yes, you can become a Teaching Assistant even without prior experience. Schools often look for candidates with a passion for education and a willingness to learn; many offer on-the-job training.

Can you be a Teaching Assistant with no qualifications?
While some basic qualifications, like GCSEs in English and Maths, are commonly required, many schools are open to candidates who need formal qualifications in education, especially if they demonstrate the right skills and attitudes.