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Event Stewards Stewarding at Spectator Events

Tuba Tasneem

March 27, 2023

Read time : 5 mins

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Events Stewards Role of a Steward Importance Preparation


The requirement for security is great as the events sector begins to thrive again. Frequently, when someone works at an event or venue, everyone immediately thinks of the security guard position. The function of an event steward is sometimes disregarded, but if you’ve ever attended a football game, concert, festival, or other public events, you’ve probably come across stewards and seen the crucial work they do. But what does a steward do during a gathering? What exactly do they do? Ultimately, they are there to protect you and ensure that your experience is safe and pleasurable.

Stewarding at Spectator Events


Event Stewards

Event Stewards are skilled team members who are crucial to the smooth operation of an event and the safety of all attendees. Stewards can perform a wide range of duties and have many distinct responsibilities. Stewarding at Spectator Events includes being a comforting, approachable presence; controlling who is allowed entry to the event; and taking on the duty of handling any anti-social behaviour. They can also conduct any necessary searches, although legally speaking, they must be qualified to do so, such as having a Level 2 Certificate in Spectator Safety. Additionally, to conduct searches, they must be employed directly by the stadium or arena where the event occurs. To ensure that an event proceeds as planned while ensuring the health and safety of the audience, event stewards play a crucial role in managing crowd management. They perform their duties at gatherings like sporting events, music festivals, protests, vehicle rallies, and important transportation hubs.

Role of a Steward

Stewarding at Spectator Events means a great deal of responsibility for keeping an eye out for any dangers that might endanger everyone attending a particular event. As an event steward, you have many duties before, during, and after an event. One of them is to avoid the location being too crowded. This is crucial since crowded gatherings are frequently the source of harmful accidents, and experienced stewards can stop this from happening. To lead people out during an emergency evacuation, they must also be aware of the locations of the fire exits and other escape routes.

Additionally, they can conduct ticket entry checks and traffic/pedestrian management (crossing points, pedestrian pathways) to guarantee that automobiles and pedestrians can enter and exit the area in a secure, orderly manner. To learn more about the role and responsibilities of an event steward, enrol in a stewarding course today.

Importance of Stewards

The presence of stewards has several advantages, and it is now necessary when planning events. Any type of event planning is never simple or easy; it can be stressful and involve complications. An event steward makes it possible to assign various jobs to qualified individuals who can subsequently complete them, making everything operate more smoothly. When planning an event, it is crucial to conduct a risk assessment since it enables you to look for any potential safety hazards. This is also an excellent technique to estimate the number of stewards required for this. The following is a helpful generalisation for selecting an adequate number of stewards: At least one steward is required for every ten attendees, per location, for groups of 1 to 100. The number of stewards needed will also be determined by the access and egress plan, which should be carefully established. You may require a certain number of stewards to check tickets and guide the public as they enter, but once the majority have arrived, their tasks may shift to other aspects of the event or getting the venue or site ready for everyone to safely leave.

Another significant benefit of stewarding is that it makes the event feel safer, increasing attendees’ enjoyment. They provide reassurance to attendees and security for the audience and the venue. Stewarding at spectator events should be done professionally as the stewards are frequently attendees’ initial point of contact. It is crucial to act professionally so that people know they have a reliable person they can turn to if they need assistance with anything. Like with many events, there is always a chance that someone would go to cause trouble and not for the proper reasons. Any problem like this can be immediately resolved by a steward stepping in.

Preparation for an Event

Preparation is one of the most vital components, regardless of the event’s size. Event stewards should always be well-prepared because an equipment check is one of the most important tasks they perform in advance. They must make sure everything is there and functional. They need to know they can do their jobs well and to a high standard because of this. Radio and battery checks are also conducted to ensure that all communication is crystal-clear and simple to receive. Before the event, time is mostly employed to identify potential issues so they can be resolved as soon as possible.

An event would struggle to go as smoothly without a steward. Therefore, there is no straightforward response to the question, “What is a steward’s duty at an event?” because they participate in various aspects of events. They facilitate smooth operations, provide guests with a safe environment, and aid in keeping people safe. They reassure workers and attendees that anything could be handled professionally if the worst were to happen.