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Teaching Assistant Salary in the United Kingdom in 2024

Nauman Farooq

May 21, 2024

Read time : 07 mins

Table of contents

If you plan to become a teaching assistant in the UK, you may wonder about the salary. Undoubtedly, it’s a respectable and rewarding career. However, before you begin your career, you must know how much you will earn as a teaching assistant (TA).

This blog will explain the TA pay scale in terms of different levels. It will also discuss other important aspects related to TA salary, such as holiday allowances, TA contracts, and more.

What is the Teaching Assistant Salary in the UK?

Typically, a Teaching Assistant in the UK earns approximately £14,674 per year. Entry-level TAs begin at £13,984 per year, while TAs with a few years of experience earn up to £16,362 per year. These salary estimates vary depending on different factors.

Teaching Assistant Pay Scale

The TA pay scale in the UK is different because it depends on various factors such as the level, region, and experience of a TA. Generally, most institutes follow the UK’s support staff pay scale, and it’s starting salary is £13,984. Different contract types offer different salaries. For example, a term-time worker will earn less than a full-time, full-year worker, even if they are on the same scale.

teaching assistant salary

Let’s look at the salaries for Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 teaching assistants.

TA LevelsTA SalariesDescription
Level 1 TA Salary£13,984If you want to begin your career as a teaching assistant in the UK, you can expect to earn approximately £13,984. This is based on the local government pay scale in 2024.
Level 2 TA Salary£14,329If you have some experience as a TA, you can earn up to £14,329 as a level 2 TA. The salary jump from level 1 TA might not be significant, but you can expect to earn more with higher levels.
Level 3 TA Salary£15,138With level 3, you have gained much experience in the field and can expect to earn approximately £15,138 per year. The level 3 teaching assistant salary is much higher than the salaries of levels 1 and 2.
Level 4 Teaching Assistant Salary£16,362This is the highest TA salary, up to £16,362 per year. The level 4 TA is called HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistants).

These salaries are an estimation and may vary depending on the location and several other factors. However, it provides a general idea of how much you can expect to earn as a TA in the United Kingdom.

Holiday Allowances for Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants also get school holidays as paid leave only if they are on a permanent full-time contract. Due to the nature of the job, most teaching assistants are hired on term-time-only contracts. Therefore, they don’t get the benefits of school holidays as paid leave. However, in most institutions, TAs on a permanent full-time contract have annual leave entitlement, which varies from institution to institution.

Teaching Assistant Contracts

There are different types of teaching assistant contracts that define TA employment conditions. These contracts adhere to the conditions set by the local authority or the institution. These contracts are:

  • Permanent all year
  • Temporary all year
  • Permanent term time
  • Temporary term time
  • Casual

Union Membership for Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants should join any local government union, such as Unite, Unison, or GMB. Although it’s not mandatory, it’s highly beneficial for them.


What is the difference in pay between level 2 and level 3 teaching assistants?

Level 2 teaching assistants earn approximately £14,329, whereas level 3 TAs earn up to £15,138 annually.

How much does a teaching assistant get paid in the UK?

The average salary for a teaching assistant in the UK is £14,674. However, the actual compensation may vary based on the roles and levels. TAs with a few years of experience can make up to £16,362 annually, while entry-level TAs start at £13,984 annually.

How many hours does a teaching assistant have to work in a week?

Typically, a teaching assistant in the UK works for 32-40 hours a week. However, it mainly depends on the institute and the workload.

Do teaching assistants get paid in the summer holidays in the UK?

Teaching assistants are paid in the summer holidays only if they are on a full-time, permanent contract. However, this is not a rule and depends on factors such as institutes’ policy, contract type, location, etc

Wrap Up: Teaching Assistant Salary

Now that you know about teaching assistant salaries in the UK, you can decide if this is a rewarding career for you. Remember, TA salaries vary from region to region in the UK. In some cities, TAs at a particular level can earn more than others. There are different types of contracts; teaching assistants on a full-time contract can get more benefits, such as paid holidays.