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Health & Safety

Fire Safety at Your Workplace

Tuba Tasneem

March 07, 2023

Read time : 03 mins

Table of contents

Responsible for safety Importance of fire safety in the workplace Fire Strategy Responsibility Content of fire safety training Fire Marshal Training Fire Safety Awareness Do I need the training to use a fire extinguisher?

Managing fire risks and dangers is a constant concern, no matter what field, area, or setting you to work in. To protect employees and keep organisations in compliance with the law, it is essential to have the proper fire safety protocols and training.

In this blog post, we’ll examine what fire safety entails, who is in charge of it, and the training required to ensure your company is abiding by the law.

Workplace Fire Safety

Who is responsible for safety at workplaces?

Employers are liable for all workplace health and safety issues under British law. Occupational Health and Safety Act, etc. Act 1974 outlines the essential duties of employers to safeguard their employees and what information they must give workers. This act highlights the following measures:

  • routinely performing and taking action on risk assessments
  • selecting qualified individuals to supervise health and safety
  • putting emergency plans in place
  • giving employees the training they require for their jobs

Employees must ensure they are working safely out of respect for themselves and their coworkers. This entails adhering to their workplace’s health and safety policies and informing a health and safety representative of any potential problems.

Importance of fire safety in the workplace

The possibility of fire is one of the most significant risks in any workplace. In 2019, there were over 300 fire-related fatalities and numerous significant injuries in the UK alone. The rapidness with which a small fire can spread throughout a building, obstructing exits and reducing sight poses a particular concern in workplaces. For this reason, each company must have a comprehensive fire plan and authorised fire marshals to oversee the process. 

Fire Strategy Responsibility

Employers, owners, or landlords ensure that everyone who lives or works on their property is safe from fire, as stated in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Among their responsibilities to individuals covered by their provision are:

  • conducting frequent inspections of the site’s fire risk assessments
  • educating employees on the threats, they’ve discovered and putting in place suitable fire safety measures
  • making emergency plans
  • providing workers with training, education, and information on fire safety

Employers frequently designate a staff member in the fire marshal/warden job to supervise all fire strategies, depending on the type and size of the firm in question. This would entail evaluating the fire risk and establishing an evacuation plan. These wardens typically submit direct reports to the employer to ensure that company-wide fire safety procedures are followed.

Content of fire safety training at work

All employees must get training on “the appropriate precautions and actions… to save themselves and other relevant persons on the premises,” according to the Fire Safety Act of 2005. Simply defined, it is the employer’s responsibility under the law to see new hires receive fire safety training pertinent to their workplace.

Workers will require additional training if they are relocated to a new place of employment, if their duties change, or if they are exposed to new equipment that could be a fire danger. This instruction should teach participants about potential fire dangers, preventative measures, and what to do in the case of a fire.

Fire Marshal Training

Anyone in charge of managing fire safety at a company needs to have the necessary training. The Fire Marshal (Fire Warden) course, which is Level 2 Award in Fire Safety at Hurak offers professional fire safety training.

This online course gives you all the knowledge you need to carry out your duties in line with current legal requirements. Throughout the course, students will receive critical information on subjects like:

  • An overview of how to recognise fire risks and carry out risk analyses
  • The fundamentals of coordination and evacuation during a fire, including fire drills
  • Safe and effective use of fire extinguishers 
  • Description of the several fire classifications and each one’s unique characteristics
  • Using and maintaining smoke and fire alarms

The candidates must complete a brief multiple-choice exam after the course. If they are successful, they will receive a certificate and ID card, valid for 3 years, as proof that they are knowledgeable enough to perform the duties of a fire warden.

Fire Safety Awareness

Our Fire Safety Awareness course is an excellent place to start if you’d want a more comprehensive introduction to workplace fire safety. Students will get a theoretical understanding of important subjects like:

  • Causes of fire 
  • Prevention of fire
  • What to do during a fire
  • Using fire extinguishers correctly
  • Evacuation procedures in an emergency 

Every employee should take this course since it satisfies the employer’s requirement to provide fire safety training to all new hires. Anyone wishing to improve their studies and become a certified fire warden could find this a valuable introduction to fire safety.

Do I need the training to use a fire extinguisher?

To prevent making the situation worse, you must have a basic awareness of the many types of flames and the available extinguishers before using one. Fire extinguisher training will provide professional insight and instruction on efficiently utilising this apparatus. 

If you are interested in learning more about health and safety, visit Hurak blogs, where we go into great detail on how learning functions and how it may help you. A complete list of our online courses is also available on our website.

Call us at 0333 344 1293 if you have any additional questions about our courses or want to talk with a staff member. You can contact Hurak via email at [email protected] as well.