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Improve Your Paraphrasing Skills | Tips & Practices


Dec 18, 2023

Read time : 02 mins

Table of contents

Helpful Tips
Online Paraphrasing Tool
End Words

improve your paraphrasing skills

Paraphrasing is a technique that involves rewriting a piece of text in different words while retaining its original message. Paraphrasing can help you convey information borrowed from different sources in your own words.
You can manually paraphrase content after reading and understanding its original intent or get help from a reliable paraphrase tool.
Manual paraphrasing is not easy, as it requires a strong command of vocabulary and a good understanding of difficult concepts.
In this article, we will discuss in detail the different tips and practices that can help you improve your paraphrasing skills and that too in very little time. In addition to this, we will also discuss the working of the best AI paraphrase tool.

Helpful Tips for Improving Paraphrasing Skills for Content Writers in 2024

Out of dozens of tips and strategies, here in this guide we have discussed the most helpful ones for your knowledge.

1. Read the Topic/Draft and Understand It

You need to work on your topic knowledge to strengthen your paraphrasing skills. You cannot explain a topic or even a small passage in your own words if you don’t understand its intent. To understand a passage or a complete article, you need to read it multiple times.
You can also search for the same topic online and collect relevant information from different sources to get a stronger grip. You would find thousands of websites and blogs in Google’s search results from where you can collect important information about a certain topic.
The more you read, the more questions will develop in your mind, making your concepts clear.

2. Take Notes and Write Down Important Points

After reading and collecting information from different sources, you must take notes and jot down all important key points or ideas you want to explain in your version.
Use a physical or online notepad to help you create a task list or state all the points you feel are important and relevant to the topic.
Other than writing down the points, you must create a new structure for your paraphrased version. If you follow the original structure, you can be accused of plagiarism.

3. Don’t Peak While Paraphrasing Text in Your Words

The purpose of taking points is that you don’t depend on the original drafts anymore. Individuals who paraphrase content sentence-wise would always end up getting accused of duplication.
This is why it is important that when you are about to create your version, you follow the ideas you have noted and write in your own words.

4. Change Words with Most Suitable Synonyms

When paraphrasing content, you must use a different vocabulary. You have to use synonyms and different phrases portraying the same message/meaning.
Using synonyms would not only help you change the wording of text but would help you prevent getting accused of plagiarism.
You can use nouns instead of verbs and adjectives in place of nouns to give your content a unique sound. If you don’t have a strong hold on vocabulary, it is best to get help from an online dictionary or thesaurus.

5. Change Sentence Structure and Voice

When paraphrasing text, you must use a different structure. The sentence structure can be made different using different forms of words or passive voice instead of active voice or vice versa.
Using the active/passive voice approach, you can easily write your version in different styles and avoid trouble caused by copyright infringement.

6. Always Give Credit to Original Sources

Paraphrasing information or text in different words doesn’t make you the owner. Giving credit and proper attributions to the sources from which you collected information is always important.
By doing so, you can never be accused of cheating or plagiarism. Here, you should also note that adding quotations around words/phrases that have been directly borrowed from another source can also help you avoid the accusation of plagiarism.
Practicing all these tips would help you get good at the paraphrasing skill, but note that it can be quite hectic and time-consuming to be a master at it, which is why we would suggest you remain consistent.

How Can an Online Paraphrasing Tool Help You Improve Skills?

Manual paraphrasing is a very daunting task, especially if you don’t have good writing skills. Today, you can access a free paraphrase tool to help you learn how to paraphrase correctly.

By using a free paraphrasing tool and analyzing its results, one can easily learn how to rephrase content with 100% accuracy and originality. Let us review the workings of one of the simplest and most reliable tools.

End Words

Paraphrasing is rewriting old content with new words and a different perspective. This skill is quite difficult to master as there is always a chance to have similarities with the original draft.

Here in this article we have explained a few tips that writers can practice to execute paraphrasing correctly and create both quality and original content.

Other than following these tips, we suggest you employ modern technology and use the best AI paraphrase tool; by regularly using the tool, one can learn how to paraphrase without committing plagiarism.